So! The other day I mentioned that I’d seen the art for Subterranean’s limited edition hardcover of Ancillary Justice. And that it was fabulous but I couldn’t share it.

Today I saw it on Twitter! So I will now share it with you. Bask in the awesomeness that is Lauren Saint-Onge’s cover art for the hardcover of AJ:


I know the “lettered” edition is sold out. I don’t see the link to pre-order the regular “limited” edition, so I’m not sure what’s up with that just now.

In any event. Isn’t that a lovely picture? I bought a print of the entire John Harris painting that’s the three Ancillary covers. (The original painting was beyond my means, but I am told it went to a loving home.) I am sorely tempted to see if I can get this one as a print, too. I just am so very happy with this!

I’ve been awfully scarce around the internets lately. Part of that is just introvert crash (I went to way more cons and meetings last year than I ever have, and done much, much more socializing than usual, which was fabulous and I loved getting to meet people, but it’s exhausting), but part of it has been me trying to actually finish writing Ancillary Mercy.

I have finished Ancillary Mercy. And turned it in to my editors.

So, what’s next? Well, pretty much everyone wants to know that. Including me, myself. I’m not sure. Certainly I’ll have notes from my editors, and I’ll do revisions, and copyedits when those come around. After that, well, we’ll see!

I made a wordle of AM, which I am tempted to post, but I’m not sure if I should. Maybe I’ll wait a few months?

Next! You all may remember that Subterranean is doing a limited edition hardcover of Ancillary Justice.

The other day I got a look at a draft of the cover art. The cover is going to be by Lauren St Onge and it’s fabulous! But I can’t show it to you yet. I will as soon as I can, though!

In other news–there are now six Ancillary Justice-related playlists on 8tracks. Check them out!

Also–fairly trivial, but just to answer some speculation or questions I’ve seen here or there–I was an active member of a CJ Cherryh fan community under the name hautdesert, and I still count the folks in that community among my friends. Before that I was also–this is perhaps a bit less obvious, and a bit more random–the proprietor of a Peter Gabriel fansite, and during that period I went under the name “Eve.” I had a few moments of fan glory during that time, the biggest being the time a reporter interviewing PG presented him with printouts of part of my fansite for him to react to. Not that the site itself was anything special–if I tell you it was originally on Geocities, that will tell you all you need to know about that part of my internet career. Hey, we all have to start somewhere!

The folks from Shejidan already know I’m haut, but if you know me from Gabeweb, here’s a “hi!” and a friendly wave.

2014 is nearly over–a bit more than twelve hours of it left, here–and that’s a time when a lot of folks think back over the ending year, and maybe spend a bit of time being hopeful for the coming one.

Usually I look back and think, “Really? Pretty much like most years.” Maybe there was some single big (even life-changing) event, but by and large things are pretty routine. I’ve always been a kind of slow writer, and so lists of how many stories completed or subbed or number of rejections didn’t necessarily make me feel like I’d accomplished a whole lot, excepting the occasional Years Best reprint. But, you know, it’s good to look back and see what you’ve done, because so often (at least, for me) it seems like I generally underestimate what I’ve done, and so even if the actual list of stories completed etc isn’t that impressive, it’s generally more than I thought without looking up the numbers. This holds true for non-writing things as well.

So, how was my 2014? Well, basically, my first novel won All The Awards. Well, all right, it didn’t win the PKD, the Compton Crook, or the John W. Campbell Memorial Award (the novel one, not the “not a Hugo” Campbell, for which I haven’t been eligible for several years). “Triple Crown” was a phrase that kept coming up, but really it was way more than three.

I seriously thought I would never sell Ancillary Justice, or if I did it might ultimately sell a few hundred copies. I had folks who had reason to know agree with my assessment. I went ahead and wrote it anyway, and submitted it anyway, because that’s what you do, when you’re a writer. The outcome is never guaranteed.

There is fanfiction. There is fan art. This is right up there with the awards, in my mind. In some ways, it’s even better.

In October of this year, my second novel came out. It is, of course, impossible that its reception would equal the first. It is a very different sort of book, and some readers are pleased by that and some not. Which is as it should be. I think my favorite compare/contrast pair is still “this book is like Sense and Sensibility in space. BORING!” vs. “This book is like Sense and Sensibility in space–it’s AWESOME!” Paraphrases, but both namechecked S&S, which I thought was hilarious. Actually, Ancillary Sword isn’t very Sense and Sensibility-like, but I knew what they meant. Maybe more on-target (and I suppose retaining the Austen connection) was the friend who emailed me that it put them in mind of Patrick O’Brien. Hah! Guess what I did between turning in the final ms of AJ and beginning AS in earnest? Yep. Read the entire series, one right after the other.

Anyway. I’m tremendously pleased with reactions to Ancillary Sword so far. Now I’m in a struggle to the death with Ancillary Mercy, and Mithras willing I’ll be victorious soon. Then I’ll have time to read some of the books people have sent me hoping for blurbs! The ones that haven’t already been published so it’s too late now, I mean. Sorry! Turns out struggles to the death with book three of your trilogy don’t leave you much reading time.

Once AM is turned in I’ll need to spend some time thinking what’s next. I’ve been living with these books for a long time, and I’ll need to find some way to switch gears. It should be interesting!

So, that was my year, and who knows what next year will bring? Nothing like 2014, for me, but that’s all right, because, wow. The awesome from 2014 is going to last me a while.

Happy new year, everybody! I hope your 2015 is full of wonderful surprises for you!

I know I haven’t blogged really at all for quite some time. I’m doing my darndest to complete a draft of Ancillary Mercy, and probably most of you would prefer that I work on that, rather than blog posts. Maybe? I hope so, because that’s what I’m doing.

Anyway. Happy winter holidays! And if, perchance, your preferred winter holiday includes gift giving and you received an e-reader or a new tablet (or if you already have those things and just want something more to read) you might want to check out Amazon’s daily deals today.

Yep, Ancillary Justice is $2.99 today. Of course, chances are if you follow my blog you’ve already read it. In which case, cast your eyes down that list because there’s some excellent reading there. Give it a look!

And now it’s back to the word mines. Being a writer has a lot of awesome bits to it–I said in an interview it’s like having the fun parts of homework for the rest of your life, and that’s absolutely true. (Also–“Yes I am sitting on the couch reading. It is actually Important Work. No matter what I’m reading.”) But today I am experiencing one of the minor drawbacks of the writing life, which is that I actually don’t get to laze around in my jammies today. Or, I’m not changing out of my jammies, don’t get me wrong, but I need to power up Scrivener and dig this chapter out of my head today.

In my jammies. Yeah. Happy Dies Natalis Solis Invicti everybody!

On G+, I mean.

I ought to have blogged about this earlier, but have been head-down drafting Ancillary Mercy. I am momentarily raising my head, though, to let you all know about this hangout.

The New Classics of SF&F with N.K. Jemisin and Ann Leckie

It happens tomorrow–that is, Monday December 8 at 6pm Eastern.

I’m not sure if I have anything useful or profound to say about “the new classics” but N.K. Jemisin is awesome and chatting with her will be super fun, and it’ll be moderated by fabulous Orbit publicist Ellen Brady Wright. I think–I think!–viewers will be able to submit questions to the moderator. That’s how it worked the last time I did one of these. And if you can’t watch as it happens, the recording will be posted online for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Yeah, this is the time of year when people ask for money. Mostly, you know, because it’s the end(ish) of the year, and in the US donations to certain kinds of non-profit groups are tax deductible.

Anyway. Worldbuilders. Which is Patrick Rothfuss’ annual drive for donations to Heifer International. I’m a fan of Heifer International as well, as it happens, and so I very happily agreed to sign some books as part of Worldbuilders fundraising efforts.

So! For thirty bucks, you could get yourself a signed, first edition copy of Ancillary Sword. And help send goats or chicks or cows or bees or…and training so folks have a source of milk or eggs or honey or whatever that they can either use themselves or sell. They pass on the training they receive to other families, as well as some livestock or seeds or whatever it was they got. Check it out!

So, Worldbuilders. If you’re interested in a signed, first edition copy of Ancillary Sword, you can get that here, and also help a good cause.

The first part of “She Commands Me And I Obey” is now live!

I’m going to briefly say that this story is sort-of dedicated to my mother. In the last eight or so years of her life, she became an enormous Blues fan. The hockey team, not the music. She regularly bought season tickets and took various grandkids with her to the games. And this was, of course, during the first several years I was working on Ancillary Justice.

But it’s only sort-of dedicated, because my mother would not have particularly appreciated or enjoyed some aspects of the story, and I suspect she’d have been unamused at a dedication to her being put at the top of it. So I haven’t. But I’ll say here that I partly wrote it for her, and I also thank her for bringing me to the hockey game so often.

If you can, and haven’t already, please consider donating to Strange Horizons so part two can be unlocked ASAP. If you can’t, or already have, or have decided against it for whatever reason, do please tweet or blog–about She Commands, or about some other SH story you love, or just about SH.

And never fear being left hanging. Now the first part is up, I am determined the second will be, eventually. For now, let’s see how the fund drive goes.

So, Strange Horizons. It’s been running since 2000. It is, I think, one of the longest running internet venues for short science fiction and fantasy. And not just fiction, but also poetry, essays, and reviews!

They’ve run some amazing stories–I’d be hard-pressed to narrow it down to just a few, but recent events suggest I point out that World Fantasy Award winning writer Sofia Samatar’s Hugo and Nebula nominated story “Selkie Stories Are for Losers” appeared at SH.

That’s just the merest beginning. And it’s all available for free.

Strange Horizons not only pays writers, they pay SFWA pro rates. They do this by asking for donations once a year. And right now, we’re most of the way through the annual SH fund drive. And they’ve raised just a touch more than half of their goal.

Now, like last year, they’re offering a special bonus issue. Bits of that issue become available as more money is raised. We’ve already seen some pieces of it–most recently an interview with Iain Banks and Cassandra Khaw’s review of Apocalypse Now Now and Kill Baxter by Charlie Human.

Next up? Is part one of a story called “She Commands Me And I Obey.” It’s by…me! And not only is it set in the Ancillary-verse, I actually wrote it while I was working on Ancillary Justice. You can see a preview of the fab illustration by Tory Hoke over at i09. And yes, AJ fans, elements of that illustration might look familiar, and might suggest why I felt I needed to write that story before finishing AJ.

So, if you’re able to, please consider donating to Strange Horizons, and help them continue to bring us amazing fiction, poetry, and essays. If you’re in the US, I’m given to understand a donation would be tax-deductible, by the way. And whether you’re able to contribute financially or not, if you find something at Strange Horizons that really resonates with you, or that you really love, let people know! Tweet, blog, whatever. Money isn’t the only way to support the venues that you love. But support is essential.

So, several times in the past few months I’ve been asked if there was any chance of Ancillary Justice making it to the movies–or TV. And mostly I’ve replied that, wow, that would be awesome!

Which, actually, was mostly a kind of evasive answer, because stuff was maybe brewing behind the scenes but you don’t talk about that kind of stuff until it’s real. But now it’s real. Ish. And I am told that I can now blog about it!

Basically, Ancillary Justice has been optioned for TV. Now, “optioned” doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is going to actually happen–things get optioned and then never made, quite frequently.

So who has this option, you ask? It’s production company Fabrik and Fox Television Studios. They have previously worked together on THE KILLNG for four seasons on AMC and Netflix, and they started their relationship with BURN NOTICE, which ran for seven Seasons on USA.

Fabrik is currently in production on BOSCH, Amazon’s first ever hour-long drama pilot based on Michael Connelly’s best-selling Harry Bosch book series

Fox TV Studios is the studio behind THE AMERICANS for FX, and WHITE COLLAR, GRACELAND, and COMPLICATIONS at USA, among others.

Now. Like I said, this doesn’t mean there’ll ever actually be any Ancillary Justice on television. But it does mean there could be, and lately it seems like there’s been quite a lot of science fictional television turning up. So, who can say?

I am also aware, of course, that bringing AJ to any sort of screen (not counting your eReader screen, of course!) would be…an interestingly difficult project. I made sure to have a conversation with the folks at Fabrik about my specific concerns–namely, the approach to gender, and the issue of whitewashing (as in, I do not want to see the book whitewashed, I would like to namedrop LeGuin and mention her Earthsea experience here, thank you). I was very pleased with their response. And in fact, if I had been the least bit unhappy with how that conversation came out, I would not be writing this blog post now.

The fact remains that even with all the best intentions in the world, there’s a lot of leeway to really misstep badly in trying to bring AJ to any kind of visual medium. On the other hand, there is quite a lot of potential for a really good team to do something really cool, that may or may not be what I was trying to do with the book, but that is still something new and marvelous. And actually, I think the best adaptations work that way. It’s an exciting thought.

So, um, that’s my news! Remember–option. Option doesn’t mean anything’s actually happening. But the potential is there, and that’s tremendously cool!