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The title of the post is where I’ll be and when!

Basically, Left Bank Books in St Louis is having its 45th birthday, and as part of the celebration Mark Tiedemann, Kevin Killeen, and I will take turns writing a story in the shop window. Audience members–and Twitter denizens–will be able to suggest things that we have to work into the story somehow. And apparently there’ll be a live video feed, which you can find here.

During not-my-turns I’ll be available to sign books. It should be fun! So if you’re looking for something to do from about 5pm to about 9pm this coming Friday, drop on by!

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  1. M

    Yay! I’ll be in town this Friday. I’m looking forward to meeting you during not-your-turns! And my copy of Ancillary Justice is waiting eagerly for you to sign it 🙂