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2 Responses

  1. K
    Kweli Walker

    I just discovered your writing. I thought I was done for when Octavia Butler passed. I binged on some of the oldies, buzzed through Haruki Murakami’s wonderful pieces, and contemplated re-reading the Dune series, but, I stumbled on your book, Ancillary Justice. I am in reader’s HEAVEN! If I’m reading, feel a slight irritation when I have to eat. That good. Finally, characters with ample flesh, emotions, and brains. No sex yet, but a meaningful violent self save! Powerfully thinking, flawed beings. Strong social analysis! I could ramble on but just … well … THANK YOU!

  2. Joel

    OF COURSE I ordered this right away. Because I apparently can’t have enough copies of your books: signed galleys, final copies, LE Justice, LE Sword…