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So, as it happens, I have a book coming out this year!

Also as it happens, it turns out I lied a little when I said folks who didn’t follow me on Tumblr weren’t missing anything but silly stuff. It’s mostly true–mostly I’m just silly on Tumblr. But this weekend Tumblr followers were treated to a slow-motion reveal of (most of) the cover (and title, since the title is, you know, on the cover) of my next book. It was pretty fun, actually, with people trying to guess the title from incomplete information, and cow poems, and just a good time.

And now, today, Book Riot has the official, internet-wide reveal. So click on over to take a look at the cover and the description.

If it seems appealing to you, the book is pre-orderable, though last I checked there was still a placeholder title and cover (which nonetheless I can see from the amazon rank that folks have been pre-ordering it, which is equal parts amazing and terrifying). It’s out October 3, I hope you like it!

At any rate, Amazon links! US Amazon, and UK Amazon.

12 Responses

  1. A

    I am incredibly excited about this! I haven’t been so enthusiastic about a new book sight unseen since … well, ever. If you don’t mind me asking, will it be available in audiobook format eventually? I know it’s probably early on in the process to ask, but you never know. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Claire

      I do hope it is the wonderful Adjoa Andoh who will be reading it. I have listened to The Imperial Radch series many many times and she is just marvellous.

  2. G

    Super! Will it be set in the Ancillary universe or is it in another universe?


  3. julie

    please forgive the gaucheness, but this librarian is curious if arcs will be made available. thanks!

  4. D
    Dave W

    Will Adjoa Andoh be doing the narration for the audiobook version? Her performance of the Justice trilogy was superb!

    1. Ann Post author

      I don’t know! Her reading was awesome, wasn’t it. But I have no idea who they’re going to get for this book.