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The Creation and Destruction of the World at Podcastle

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It’s a huge honor to find my story closing out Podcastle’s Artemis Rising month. That story is “The Creation and Destruction of the World” which has not appeared anywhere previously. Yes, it’s a new story!

Well, sort of. I actually included this story in my application for Clarion West. Which means I wrote it more than ten years ago. This is the story that netted me my first, treasured non-form rejection (I am ever grateful to Jed Hartman for that!), and got lots of nice comments from editors. But no checks. At Clarion West, Andy Duncan, our week two instructor, said he’d enjoyed it very much and I should have no trouble selling it!

Yeah. Ten years pass.

Anyway, check it out! It’s read by Diane Severson and…y’all, she actually sang the songs! That’s her music, I didn’t write any for this! It’s pretty awesome, check it out!


So, I’ve known about this for a couple of days, but of course could say nothing. The ballot for the Nebula Awards is out, and Ancillary Sword is on it! Along with a lot of fabulous books and stories. Congratulations to all the nominees! It’s a great ballot. Rather like last year, I’m amazed at the thought that someone–some number of someones!–thought my book belonged among those others. It’s incredible to find myself in such wonderful company.


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So, the shortlist for the BSFA Awards was announced on Friday. Turns out, Ancillary Sword is on it! Also a lot of fine work that you would be well-advised to check out. It’s an honor to find my book in such company.

Personally, I plan to get a lot of vicarious enjoyment out of this year’s awards season. It’s amazing and wonderful to have your work nominated for an award, even more so to actually win, and so I see a lot of delighted moments ahead of a lot of folks this year, and a lot of my knowing how that feels and being happy for them. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy the heck out of the BSFA nomination (excuse me while I do a little happy bounce), but there’s no way in seventeen hells this year is going to be anything like last year for me. And honestly, that’s a good thing.

In other award related news, the Kitschies shortlist was also announced on Friday. I have a particular fondness for the Kitschies, since that was my first award nomination ever, and I have a particularly happy set of thoughts for the folks whose first award nomination this might be. Most of this year’s Golden Tentacle titles are unfamiliar to me (though one I had just the day before gotten a copy of, it having been recommended to me as something particularly up my alley), and I suspect you wouldn’t go far wrong if you picked one or two of these to read.

Lastly! And also awards-related! I chanced across a conversation in which folks were thinking about award-eligible short fiction they might want to nominate, or at least consider nominating, and the possibility of my story “The Nalendar” being eligible in the novelette category was brought up. Someone else correctly pointed out that in fact, the issue of Uncanny Magazine in which it appeared came out this year, in 2015.

That is definitely the case–but as it happens, the story is a reprint. “The Nalendar” originally appeared in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #36, in 2008. So it won’t be eligible even next year. I’m quite flattered that anyone finds the story worthy of award consideration, though. Thanks for that!

Misc. News: Ancillary Mercy, Ancillary Justice (Subterranean edition)

I’ve been awfully scarce around the internets lately. Part of that is just introvert crash (I went to way more cons and meetings last year than I ever have, and done much, much more socializing than usual, which was fabulous and I loved getting to meet people, but it’s exhausting), but part of it has been me trying to actually finish writing Ancillary Mercy.

I have finished Ancillary Mercy. And turned it in to my editors.

So, what’s next? Well, pretty much everyone wants to know that. Including me, myself. I’m not sure. Certainly I’ll have notes from my editors, and I’ll do revisions, and copyedits when those come around. After that, well, we’ll see!

I made a wordle of AM, which I am tempted to post, but I’m not sure if I should. Maybe I’ll wait a few months?

Next! You all may remember that Subterranean is doing a limited edition hardcover of Ancillary Justice.

The other day I got a look at a draft of the cover art. The cover is going to be by Lauren St Onge and it’s fabulous! But I can’t show it to you yet. I will as soon as I can, though!

In other news–there are now six Ancillary Justice-related playlists on 8tracks. Check them out!

Also–fairly trivial, but just to answer some speculation or questions I’ve seen here or there–I was an active member of a CJ Cherryh fan community under the name hautdesert, and I still count the folks in that community among my friends. Before that I was also–this is perhaps a bit less obvious, and a bit more random–the proprietor of a Peter Gabriel fansite, and during that period I went under the name “Eve.” I had a few moments of fan glory during that time, the biggest being the time a reporter interviewing PG presented him with printouts of part of my fansite for him to react to. Not that the site itself was anything special–if I tell you it was originally on Geocities, that will tell you all you need to know about that part of my internet career. Hey, we all have to start somewhere!

The folks from Shejidan already know I’m haut, but if you know me from Gabeweb, here’s a “hi!” and a friendly wave.

Amazon Daily Deal!

I know I haven’t blogged really at all for quite some time. I’m doing my darndest to complete a draft of Ancillary Mercy, and probably most of you would prefer that I work on that, rather than blog posts. Maybe? I hope so, because that’s what I’m doing.

Anyway. Happy winter holidays! And if, perchance, your preferred winter holiday includes gift giving and you received an e-reader or a new tablet (or if you already have those things and just want something more to read) you might want to check out Amazon’s daily deals today.

Yep, Ancillary Justice is $2.99 today. Of course, chances are if you follow my blog you’ve already read it. In which case, cast your eyes down that list because there’s some excellent reading there. Give it a look!

And now it’s back to the word mines. Being a writer has a lot of awesome bits to it–I said in an interview it’s like having the fun parts of homework for the rest of your life, and that’s absolutely true. (Also–“Yes I am sitting on the couch reading. It is actually Important Work. No matter what I’m reading.”) But today I am experiencing one of the minor drawbacks of the writing life, which is that I actually don’t get to laze around in my jammies today. Or, I’m not changing out of my jammies, don’t get me wrong, but I need to power up Scrivener and dig this chapter out of my head today.

In my jammies. Yeah. Happy Dies Natalis Solis Invicti everybody!

Wanna Hang Out?

On G+, I mean.

I ought to have blogged about this earlier, but have been head-down drafting Ancillary Mercy. I am momentarily raising my head, though, to let you all know about this hangout.

The New Classics of SF&F with N.K. Jemisin and Ann Leckie

It happens tomorrow–that is, Monday December 8 at 6pm Eastern.

I’m not sure if I have anything useful or profound to say about “the new classics” but N.K. Jemisin is awesome and chatting with her will be super fun, and it’ll be moderated by fabulous Orbit publicist Ellen Brady Wright. I think–I think!–viewers will be able to submit questions to the moderator. That’s how it worked the last time I did one of these. And if you can’t watch as it happens, the recording will be posted online for your viewing and listening pleasure.


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Yeah, this is the time of year when people ask for money. Mostly, you know, because it’s the end(ish) of the year, and in the US donations to certain kinds of non-profit groups are tax deductible.

Anyway. Worldbuilders. Which is Patrick Rothfuss’ annual drive for donations to Heifer International. I’m a fan of Heifer International as well, as it happens, and so I very happily agreed to sign some books as part of Worldbuilders fundraising efforts.

So! For thirty bucks, you could get yourself a signed, first edition copy of Ancillary Sword. And help send goats or chicks or cows or bees or…and training so folks have a source of milk or eggs or honey or whatever that they can either use themselves or sell. They pass on the training they receive to other families, as well as some livestock or seeds or whatever it was they got. Check it out!

So, Worldbuilders. If you’re interested in a signed, first edition copy of Ancillary Sword, you can get that here, and also help a good cause.